Friday, July 29, 2016

Chutney Sauce Murabba


Baner Pashan Link Road

Nachos- I don't fancy Nachos..

Nacho Nacho- I danced with glee with the first bite, Nacho!

Where: At Chutney Sauce Murabba, Baner-Pashan Link Road

What: Nacho Nacho as CSM calls it, is Nachos made with Rajgira flour which substitutes the traditional Cornmeal & powdered groundnuts, served with cheese sauce, olives & jalapeño!

How much: Rs. 150/-

The newly renovated CSM on BPLR has a few new dishes on their already innovative menu & Nacho Nacho was our dish of choice today along with our favourite at CSM, the Masala Thumps Up for me & Masala Chai for the wife..

I loved the idea of Nacho Chips made with Rajgira Flour though I had my share of apprehension at the time of ordering the dish. But a bite of the Nacho & all apprehensions vanished in thin air!

Personally, I'm not a member of the 'I eat only health food' brigade but the idea of Nachos made with Rajgira flour & crushed groundnuts did intrigue me & later when Dinesh Maheshwari, the man behind CSM, mentioned that the chips were not fried but roasted on a tawa, further elevated my interest towards the dish.. The Nachos were very tasty, had a nice crunch to it, the light flavor of groundnut added to the taste of dish..  the Cheese Sauce got the dish together with a generous helping of black olives & jalapeño.

If you're around BPLR or near Blue Ridge, Hinjewadi and feel like grabbing a bite, do walk into CSM & grab a plate of Nacho Nacho. And while you're there do try their newly introduced Pav-Bhaji (have it & see if you can notice the healthy twist to this all-time favourite), Indo-Thai Curried Rice, Curritos which is CSM's take on the Burritos or the Kheemadar Paratha served with home-made Murabba!

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