Friday, July 29, 2016

Flying Duck

Baner- Pashan Link Road or BPLR as it's called has become a hub of great eateries & having tried a few of them have found them to be good & unique at their offerings.

Flying Duck is a (not so) new kid on the block which serves oriental cuisine, to an extent unique by not serving the Chindian favourite Manchurian-Chilly Chicken kind of stuff.

What I found interesting about the place was:
a) the portion size- it is kind of good for one, if shared between 2 you can order multiple dishes & not be stuffed to your gills.
b) the plating/presentation of every dish- they tend to make every dish look attractive in-spite of minimalistic dressing-up

Flying Duck is run by two youngsters; Minakshi & Alakesh, who don't have a background in the food industry but are passionate about food & this shows in the food that they serve.

Coming to the food, we ordered:
1. Basil Chicken: we had a sub 5 year diner with us & on Alakesh's recommendation we ordered the Basil Chicken as it was low on spice. With prominent flavor of fresh Basil & spice level to her liking, this was a perfect dish for our young friend.

2. Vietnamese Caramel Chicken: This had a nice punch of chilly & caramelised sauce; a treat to the senses.

3. Pork Chops: this is Flying Duck's signature dish & having heard so much about it from friends & fellow foodies, this was a must have & needless to say it did live upto the expectation! The chops were melt in the mouth, meat sliding off the bone like a hot knife thru butter & the taste, oh so divine! This one is a *NOT TO BE MISSED AT ANY COST* dish at Flying Duck .

In main course my fellow diner of the evening, Mugdha, ordered for a Chicken Khow Suey, this came with the plethora of accompaniments & was a visual treat. Alakesh had mentioned that they make the best Khow Suey in Pune & Mugdha did assure us that this was by-far the best Khow Suey she's had!

My friend Shreyas ordered another highly recommended dish at FD, the Quail with Special Sauce served with Buttered Rice. This took a slightly longer time to arrive & Shreyas was a tad edgy as everyone but him had food on the table! Once the food arrived, the gentleman was totally engrossed in his food & at the end had an extremely satiated look on his face which goes on to say a lot about the food on his plate, the way it was cooked, the taste, the flavours, the presentation, everything! Since I'm not too fond of Quail, this was the only dish which I didn't try.

Anuja ordered for a Chicken with Spicy Sauce; the dish was, as the name implies, SPICY, but unlike other places where the spice overrides all other flavours this was a mighty flavourful preparation.

I ordered for a Skewered Pork for me. Alakesh offered to make this with Pork Belly which allowed the meat to stay succulent. The pork meat again was extremely well cooked & made for a wonderful meal.

The Quail, Spicy Chicken & Skewered Pork all came with Rice, veggies & a fried Egg on top & made for a complete meal; one which after three starters between four adults & 1 kid we were barely able to finish!

The food along with Iced Teas cost us Rs. 600/- per head for 4 adults.
* On their Signature menu they have Spicy Chicken (Ghost Chilly) which is made using the hottest chilly in the world, from Nagaland, the Bhoot Jolokia! Do try it at your own risk if you have it in you!
* Flying Duck is a small but extremely popular place, hence do have the patience to wait for a table, once seated the food will surely blow your senses!
* Tuesday is their weekly off, plan accordingly.

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