Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bubsterr's Baner

Pizza by the slice is a very American concept which is slowly gaining a foothold here in India too.

Bubsterr’s was amongst or probably the very first one to come up with Pizza Slice here in Pune. Having enjoyed their pizzas at various events in town we were happy when they announced their first outlet in Kalyani Nagar about a year back & extremely thrilled when they started one near home in the Western suburb of Baner about two weeks ago!

Happened to do a take away from their Baner outlet last week. This one is located bang on Baner Road just before Balewadi Phata (coming from Aundh) near Fasoos/Cosmos Bank.

We ordered for 5 different varieties of Pizzas & a hot dog (having tried this earlier at the KN outlet this was pure indulgence!)
1. Glazed Recipe (BBQ Chicken)
2. Mustard-eee Chicken (Chicken tossed in Mustard Sauce)
3. Porky Affair (Pepperoni)
4. Pork Overload (Ham, Pepperoni, Sausage & Bacon)
5. Garlicky Mushroom
6. Chicken Relish Dog

Despite being a hard-core Non-Vegetarian my choice of pizza for the evening was the Garlicky Mushroom! I mean, who’d have thought that a Garlic Mushroom pizza could be so tasty!!??

The Pork Overload lived up to its name with generous topping  of all things pork.

The Mustard-eee was one which I didn't particularly enjoy, for me pizza & mustard sauce didn't work too well as a combination.

Pepperoni was great with ample Pepperoni on top!

Glazed Recipe was again nice, the classic BBQ Chicken kind of a pizza; something for a not too choosy/fussy palette.

(Bubsterr's Glazed Recipe)

The Chicken Relish Dog  was as good as last time; the caramelised onions takes it a notch higher than your regular dogs!

(The Chicken Relish Dog)

The pizza slice is a  10” monster slice; a slice usually serves as a meal for one & then if you've a good appetite (like me!) you could order for something to go with it! The pizza base is semi thin, nice & crunchy & the toppings ample.

At the time of pickup I was advised by the gentleman at the counter not to reheat the pizza in the microwave as it would go soggy, if need be I was to warm it either in a conventional oven or on a pan; we opted for the later & believe me just a min or two on the pan & it elevated the taste of the Pizza tremendously!

The pizza slices are moderately priced, with the Veg Slices in the range of 120~170, Non-Veg slices in the range of 180~220, while the hot dogs are in the range of 150~200. A very pocket friendly place indeed!

They supposedly serve some mean burgers too but I am yet to try them out.

I do plan to dine-in at the restaurant the next time & have been dreaming of a piping hot, fresh right out of the oven pizza slice for a long time now!

The Steak Q & Nawabi Mutton in burgers, the Overloaded Pork Dog & Honey Pepper Chicken Pizza are on my wish- list for now.

Ambience: 4/5
Taste: 4/5
Service 4.5/5
Novelty 4/5
Overall Experience 4/5

A strong recommendation: rather than packing the pizza slices do make it a point to eat at the restaurant!

(Two more Slices would've made my Pizza Pie compete!)

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