Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Ganache, Kothrud

Hidden in the lanes near Bharati Vidyapeeth, More Vidyalaya Campus is The Ganache. If you're not familiar with the area, it might be a task to find this tiny eatery. We were led here by a friend who was on his umpteenth visit & having heard him rave about the food that this place served, we were more than eager to visit.

A blink & you miss kind of a place which operates from the garden of the  house of the young chef who runs the cafe; 4 tiny tables with a max seating of 10~12 at a given time & we were wondering if we'd made the right decision in trusting our friend! A look at the menu & we felt that our friend at least knows what he's talking about ;) Whether the cafe delivers what’s on the menu was the chef's prerogative & we decided to go ahead & order.

We ordered for:
1. Garlic Corn Sandwich
2. Chicken + Mayo + Jalapeño Sandwich
3 Chicken Ham + Mayo + Mustard + Tomato + Mint + Iceberg Sandwich ( That's actually what the sandwich is called, check their menu if you don't believe me!)
4. A Cafe Latte, a Black Coffee & a Cappuccino

Both the chicken sandwiches had ample amount of Chicken/Ham unlike a lot of places which shy away from putting the protein between the slices!

Our Veggie friend was raving about his sandwich & we took his word when he said it was good. The Non-Vegetarian  guys however didn't have an iota of trust amongst them & just to check if the other wasn’t bring untrue flicked one half of each other's sandwich!

(Garlic Corn Sandwich)

Cutting the long story short, my friend’s Chicken Jalapeño Sandwich was a master piece by itself; excellent flavour of jalapeños on the Mayo & generous amount of Chicken, the sandwich, grilled well, made up for a nice meal.

(Jalapeño Chicken Sandwich)

The Chicken Ham Panini had copious amount of Ham in it. The Mint, Mayo, Mustard dressing went well with the salad & ham.

All the three coffees were very nice, the Cappuccino in particular was exactly the way I love it, nice & strong! The only negative part of the evening was that none of the coffees were served the way they should've been, piping hot!


I picked up 4 Chocolate Mousse to be taken home. The  dark chocolate flavored Mousse was the best I’d had in a real long time.

The menu’s quiet concise & basic but interesting nevertheless.

The Chef cum owner of the place has kept the pricing very reasonable considering his main clientele, students from nearby colleges. The Corn S/W was priced at Rs. 70/- , the Jalapeño Chicken was priced at Rs. 80/- & the Chicken Ham was priced at Rs. 90/-, the coffees were priced between Rs. 40/- & Rs. 60/- while the Chocolate Mousse was priced at Rs. 50/- per piece.

They also serve Cheese Cakes, Cup Cakes, Ice-tea & very tempting Waffles! I've my eyes set on the Cinnamon Spiced Hot Chocolate on my next visit, which I hope happens very soon.

I vaguely remember reading that they're closed on Monday/Tuesday, not too sure about it though,  do confirm with the concerned if you plan to go on either of the two days.

Ambience: 3/5
Taste: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Novelty: 4/5
Overall Experience: 4/5

This Café will make a place in your heart with the food that they serve without burning a hole in your pocket!

Please Note: This is a completely 'No Frills' place with no ambiance as such to rave about. Do NOT go there with undue expectation about the place; the food, no doubt, is superb.

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